And …

This isn’t my first time writing.

I graduated with a degree in Mass Communications, and then after graduating in December 1999, I moved to Lawrence to write (and design pages) for the World Company’s Eudora News and De Soto Explorer newspapers, in addition to a later stint as a page editor at The Ottawa Herald. Then I got out of the newspaper biz altogether, and not a moment too soon, apparently. That is one hurting industry.

Somewhere along the way, I got interested in web development. When I was first learning web design, I started writing my ramblings on the now-defunct (don’t ask about why it was named that; it’s a dumb story). It was all hand coded; those where the days before WordPress and other blogging platforms had become popular. Coding the pages and writing were a bit daunting and eventually I gave up the ghost. I tried another time to get blogging again but then my life got busy with the birth of my first child. And then, I was too busy.

These days, life has settled down a bit. I like to write and I decided to give another stab at it. I’ve been on a creative roll as of late, development more, taking pictures and just overall being more creative.

It’s important, at least for me, to get things out from time to time. I find if I keep things repressed that I’d like to write about, it just comes out in other forms and usually not in anything good.

I really think more people should write and write often.

And so, that’s what this is all about. I’ve lived in Lawrence for a decade now, but it’s only been recently that I’ve come to the acceptance that I’m a Lawrencian. That might sound odd, but I’ve had one foot out the door for years now. I was always going to leave, move away, start anew somewhere else. What happened instead was, a lot of my friends moved away to find work, and I was left behind. I grew my family, established some roots and got involved with the community. Despite some rather glaring faults, I’ve fallen in love with this town all over again.

So I guess I’ll write about it.

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