Audio post: The Last Five Minutes

On Friday, I mentioned my  song writing experiences with my old roommate, Alex Kissel.

Today I have another recording that Alex and I did, with one twist: this recording was done open air using only the built-in microphone on my Apple iBook.

As with I Build Airplanes, I wrote the guitar parts and sang background vocals, while Alex wrote the lyrics and sang the lead vocal part.

The recording of the this song, The Last Five Minutes, is in mp3 format. Right click to save to your computer if you like, or play it in your browser depending on your connection.

The Last Five Minutes (mp3, 5.39 MB)

2 thoughts on “Audio post: The Last Five Minutes

  1. SuperJenn

    You have layers. That is pretty cool.
    I do not.
    Unless I’m layering clothes.
    It’s easier to peel off layers of clothes than change completely…kid goo ad infinitum…


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