Ideal working environment

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what an ideal working environment would be if I could design it.

Some of the components of this environment include:

  • A Mac would be my primary machine, with Coda my text editor of choice
  • I’d have a desk that converted to a standing desk when desired
  • Telecommuting would be available as an option – or at least the freedom to work somewhere else for a bit to change the scenery – such as a coffee shop or library
  • A team of at least one other peer who does similar work to me – we could work together and still be able to “talk shop” when needed
  • I am very much a night owl, so being able to work a later shift would be nice
  • Plenty but reasonable amount of money and time for training, conferences
  • Freedom to work on “playtime” projects
  • Very few in-person interruptions

There’s probably a few more, but I’d need to suss it out a bit. Not to say I don’t appreciate my job, not at all. And you’ve probably already guessed by now, but I have very few of these components available to me now.

Perhaps I need to figure out how to make these happen.

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