I consume information in a variety of ways, but one of my favorite ways is to listen to podcasts. I listen to audiobooks from time to time as well, although not as much since my commute changed from 50 to 20 minutes. But when I’m doing chores, going to work, or taking a walk, podcasts tend to be my way to learn on the go.

Here’s what I’m listening to these days:

  • ChooseFI. FI, short for financial independence, is a new movement in the personal finance space that I am enjoying learning more about. Some of the ideas are a radical departure from what I’ve traditionally thought about with money, and the different viewpoint is refreshing to me.
  • Financial Independence Podcast. Like ChooseFI, this podcast is about the FI mindset but also offers interesting perspectives from FI guests. Now that I’m debt free, I’m starting to move to the next level in my understanding of personal finance.
  • Indie Hackers Podcast. A wonderful podcast about people making things, and then turning that into a business. As I move from the idea of freelancing to making a product, I have found this podcast inspiring and educational.

Last updated: Aug. 3, 2018