Seven year itch: happy anniversary

Today marks my seventh anniversary with my wife, Amy Gruber!

Way before the days of social media, we bumped into each other online and started IM’d each other (do people still do that?) for more than a year. She was living in Topeka at the time – and had a boyfriend – but we because friends and chatted from time to time as kind of online pen pals.

But I got busy. I moved in with three crazy guys, and we lost touch for a bit. Then one night I logged in to my faithful-but-neglected Yahoo! Messenger, and saw her yellow smiley face in my list. She informed me she was moving to Lawrence to finish her master’s degree. I informed her we should meet.

And so we did. We met shortly thereafter at The Java Break for a little coffee (she had hot cocoa) and chatted. The night went wonderful. I went home that evening and told my roommates “I think this might be the one.”

Here we are seven years later.

The moral of the story? The internet is awesome. Do out and do something incredible with it today.

Happy anniversary, Amy!