Shouldn’t we be angry?

Do you ever question why people aren’t more angry?

Don’t misunderstand – going through life with a chip on your shoulder is no way to live. But anger with a purpose can lead to real change. Why does it seem people aren’t angry about injustice, corruption and a disregard for others?

Why do people still shop at BP?

Why aren’t the masses in the streets, protesting, demanding punishment for those who destroyed the economy?

Why do we still eat fast food when we know it’s so bad for us?

Shouldn’t we be angry?

3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we be angry?

  1. Nathan

    The election coverage focused on how angry the electorate was. I would gauge the national mood as more fearful and frustrated than angry.

  2. Jack Horner

    Nah, to much work. I think I rather find a church that serves nachos.

    But seriously, I think you have a point. But of course that begs the question. Why aren’t we?

    Oh, btw, NaBloPoMo?


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