White tiger

White Tiger

There are people in this world that have spent $179.99 to purchase one of these.

After today, I can officially say that the economy is well on its way to recovery.

I had to run to Kansas City today and stopped in at the Lawrence Service Area (northeast of Lawrence in I-70) for a quick pit stop. While scanning the coolers for my favorite drink (Diet Mt. Dew if you must know) I noticed a beast of a statue standing about four feet tall out of the corner of my eye.

It was a white tiger.

It was ceramic.

It cost $179.99.

As I was purchasing  my beloved drink, the cashier asked me if I needed anything else.

Maybe one of those white tigers,” I laughed. “Does anyone ever buy one of those things?

My cashier explained to me that the store carries the tigers in gold, red and, of course, white. And then he said, “We sold out of the first shipment and we’re almost out of the second one.”

I’m not sure how many came in a shipment, but I presume one of each color.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m calling this recession over.

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