My sister-in-law recently blew my mind with a revelation about dinner.

  • Breakfast is that meal we have in the morning.
  • Of course, there’s brunch for sleepyheads who like to eat before breakfast and lunch.
  • Lunch in the mid-day meal.
  • Supper is that meal after work were we all sit around, eat and talk about our day.

So with all that in mind, when is dinner?

No, this isn’t one of those soda vs. pop types of things.

The original definition of the word is meant to define dinner as the biggest meal you have in the day. So, you could have dinner for breakfast, brunch, lunch, etc.

And now you know.

3 thoughts on “Etymology

    1. ericjgruber Post author

      Yeah, I had to look up the correct spelling for that one. I didn’t want to confuse all the bird insect lovers out there.


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