I forgot my glasses today.

It’s so slow around the office, and with so many people out of the city leading up to the Christmas weekend, I knew that busting across town was going to be easy. So, I took a quick break and headed home for my spectacles.

My wife runs a preschool in our home and this month she’s been teaching the kiddos about the different traditions as part of her curriculum. There’s been talk about menorahs, mangers, white-bearded gift-bringers; you get the gist. Today, they were discussing Kwanzaa.

That’s where I come in. I come in the house, interrupting the story time, apologize and go looking for my glasses. Have you ever interrupted storytime? It’s like stabbing a beehive.

Anyway, I search and find my glasses. As I’m making my way out the door, I turn and tell the kids “It was great to see you all again.  You all have a Merry Christmas.”

And then I add, “Or whatever it is you celebrate.”

My wife clued me in. “Everybody here celebrates Christmas,” she said.

And in less than one second, my oldest, information sponge brained, five-year-old daughter said, “Because we’re not black.”

Oh, dear heavens. Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?

Regardless of your race and all that jazz, Merry Christmas!*

* Or whatever it is you celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. David Eldridge

    Wudja believe I celebrate Channukah? I am often told I look Jewish (or Palestinian, or Turkish, or Arab), especially when I am sporting a beard. I celebrate our anniversary (Dec. 18) and New Year’s Day, and wait for the return of our Most Excellent Lord, Christ (all of the time and with great hope). It will be a better day than this, or any other.

    Always the contrarian, I will offer this little nugget of wisdom: — explains the historic protestant/puritan view (which I hold) that we are not free to add to worship those things that God does not ordain/command/require. At the bottom of that page the issue of Christmas is specifically outlined.


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