Wrap-up: April 2017

OK, back in business. April was a great month.

This month, I made no announcement and spoke of no great plans. And, it worked out very well.

The wrap-up:

  • Another month, another date night. We opted to eat a clean meal at Protein House,  and then took an evening stroll in the open-area shopping mall of Zona Rosa.
  • I attended DrupalCon 2017 in Baltimore, MD. It was a great conference, and I even got to see the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. 
  • Probably the most all-consuming part of my month was that my wife and I did the Whole30 for a third time. It was particularly challenging since I traveled while doing it, but we made it. The effort was worth it: At the end of the month I was down 11.6 lbs. and lost 3.5 percent of body fat. I’m very pleased with these results.
  • Finally, I took – and failed – the Drupal 8 Developer Certification exam. On a scale of 100, I have a .5 as far as experience developing in Drupal 8, so I wasn’t surprised (or heartbroken) to bomb it. However, I’m about to move to a full-time Drupal 8 project which will give me the experience I need. Those Drupal tests aren’t something you can simply study for: experience is key for being able to pass.

So, great month! I’m already pushing forward on my activities for May, which will be documented here in due time. 

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