What an excellent week! I’ve got freebies!

Footshifted – Nov. 1 I won a free Icon Motorsports t-shirt in a giveaway on the website. The shirt took a little time to order, but it showed up in the mail yesterday.

Talk about awesome. If you’re into motorcycles, footshifted is a great website about motorcycle accessories. Check it out at

LJWorld – Gobble, gobble! I won a turkey today from the Lawrence Journal-World. That thing was a huge 17 pounds. LJW was giving turkeys away in a promotion where they asked people to tell what they were thankful for. I entered via Twitter, repeating what I wrote about on Saturday: I am thankful for my parents.

We already had purchased a turkey, so I took that fine specimen of a bird over to Penn House and asked them to give it to a deserving family in need. I love giving. It’s the one thing I can do that is totally selfish that doesn’t hurt anyone.

Oh hey, that reminds me – if you can, donate to a local charity of your choice and make someone’s life a little better this holiday season. Thanx in advance.

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