Second Thanksgiving

Tomorrow will  be the second Thanksgiving dinner we’ve had where family comes eats with us instead of us traveling.

The last time didn’t go so well. We were living in a total craphole we rented through Gage Management (a sorry little company if I might say) and my wife’s parents came to eat dinner with us. This was in 2005, pre kids.

It was a good dinner, but Amy’s parents got into a bit of a tiff toward the end. Little did we know that their relationship would go downhill after that. We were unaware they were having problems and in less than a year, they were separated. They divorced in the year following their separation.

And now, here we are, doing it again. Her mom remarried a few months ago and will join us with her new husband. With any luck, her sister and her two children will be able to come as well (my wife’s brother-in-law has to work, sadly).

Despite the turmoil that has brought us to this point, it’s nice to know we’ll be having family in our home – and this time, it’s one we own.

Here’s to new beginnings, second chances and renewal.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re one of the top 85% of the richest people in the world. Be thankful.

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