I’ve made some momentum toward my goal of getting healthy and losing weight in 2011.

Appointments have been made. In the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 29, I will have my first physical in about two years. Let’s get the measurements! I want to know how my blood is looking, if my pipes are clogging and all that other stuff.

But another crucial bit of data I’ll be gathering will be the one I’ve not done in roughly seven years – bodyfat percentage.  The last time I had that done I was around 14 percent. I’m sure that now I’m [REDACTED OUT OF SHEER EMBARASSMENT, BUT C’MON, LOOK AT ME – YOU CAN FIGURE IT OUT].

Granted, gathering the starting data isn’t as good as say, actually working out and exercising. But I’m trying to do a little prep work here so I can settle down into a routine and have a good “before” measurement.

Lastly, I’ve told my co-workers that when the time comes, when I tell them “it’s on,” I’m seriously going to need their help. Little questions like “are you getting workouts in” or “put the candy down and move away from the wrapper” are encouraged.

Have you thought about your goals? What are you doing to meet them?

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