Five things to achieve in 2011

Resolutions are crap, unless you actually resolve them. Here are five things I’ve been thinking about for 2011.

1. Go on a stuff diet. I’m such a clutterbug. In real life or digital, I keep a lot of things because I’m a big sentimental sap. I’ve struggled with this for a long time, but I’d like to make an ernest effort at getting rid of a bunch of stuff. If I could get a few shades away from minimalist, I’d be ecstatic.

2. Hit 4,000 miles on my motorcycle. New motorcyclists who have less than 4,000 miles or six months of riding are considered absolute beginners. In addition, accidents are more likely to happen during this period. I’d like to avoid an accident altogether and get the experience. I’ve owned a bike for six weeks and have about 800 miles so far. With it getting colder, I doubt I’ll hit 4,000 miles before six months, but I’m going to try. Here’s to a warm winter.

3. Get healthy and lose the weight. I’ve tried and failed so much in the last few years, I hate to even mention this. Not to say too much, but I’ve been much healthier and much more slender. Working a job that doesn’t require much movement really does harm to the body. This year’s Red Dog’s Dog Days was a great start, but I lost momentum after the summer. I’ve got a great space in the mancave that could use a used treadmill. I could watch movies and walk and come out much better than I am right now.

4. Take a real vacation. Like a lot of full-time workers, I get two weeks vacation per year. I spent one week of it this year moving, which didn’t feel like a vacation at all. It was a lot of work. I’d love to go somewhere like Estes Park to get away with my girls and the whoa-man. Ideas are appreciated, but must be in driving or train distance to Lawrence. I won’t fly again until the TSA lunacy is over.

5. Finish some personal projects. I’ve got a list of creative projects I’ve wanted to get done for some time now. Enough is enough. These things have been hanging around so long they’re like pets. I’m always in idea generation mode, so I doubt I could finish ALL of them, but there are quite a few I could get done in 2011. I tried to do some this year and allowed myself to get sidetracked.

Have you thought about things you’d like to achieve next year? Let’s hear ’em!

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