4,000 miles

Yesterday, I hit 4,000 miles on my motorcycle.

Hitting that mileage was a big deal for me. The number isn’t arbitrary, but rather signifies a rider’s transition from beginner to intermediate. And it was part of my Five Things to Achieve in 2011 post last year.

Culminated with what I learned as outlined in my Shipping post, it appears an outline to achieving goals is pretty simple:

  1. Envision a goal.
  2. Work through a process to achieve that goal.
  3. Achieve the goal.
The trick is, that second step is the hard one. Riding 4,000 on a motorcycle in Kansas? You’re going to deal with seasons that change like a teenager’s moods. There was a lot of  butt-in-seat time to make that happen. And it was totally worth it.
But there’s three months left to go of this year, and I still have about 50 percent of my list left to go.
Here’s to process!

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